Prosperity is what we do

We add value in different ways for different types of clients

Who We Serve

Treatment Providers
Business Owners
Bankers & Brokers
Investment Community

Prosperity is spending more time with my patients

"Prosperity takes care of all my business office functions, from billing and UR to bookkeeping and AP. Working with Prosperity, I don’t have to worry about following up on insurance claims or entering invoices. Prosperity takes away my financial headaches and allows me to focus on doing what I love: spending more time with my patients."

Prosperity is increasing profit and sustainable growth

"Prosperity handles my revenue cycle operation, gives valuable advice on financial strategy and provides sophisticated analytics. They help improve my cash collections, negotiate in-network contracts, optimize my tax strategy and identify opportunities for expansion or improvement. With Prosperity on my team, I can achieve my business goals: increasing profit and sustainable growth."

Prosperity is achieving maximum value for my clients

"Prosperity helps my clients clean up their AR and transition to accrual-basis accounting. Prosperity supports companies as they prepare to seek financing, including collecting on aged receivables, validating revenue recognition and navigating financial audits. With help from Prosperity, I can follow through on my commitment: achieving maximum value for my clients."

Prosperity is buying right and creating value over time

"Prosperity provides due diligence consulting and a back office platform for long-term value creation. Prosperity helps me identify attractive investments, get a clear quality-of-earnings picture, and optimize pro forma cash flow through improved collections and cost savings. Prosperity understands and supports my priorities: buying right and creating value over time."

Services We Provide

Billing and Collections

What does it mean?
Whether you work with commercial insurance, Medicare/Medicaid or private pay patients, you need to submit bills and follow up to ensure you receive proper compensation for the services you provide

How is Prosperity involved?
Our team manages the entire process, from submitting initial invoices to appealing denials and posting payments against patient accounts


What does it mean?
Whenever you generate revenue or incur an expense, you need to track transactions in your accounting system to monitor the financial results of your organization

How is Prosperity involved?
Whether you need simple bookkeeping or complex accrual-basis financial statements, our experts will take care of everything from journal entries to reporting

Utilization Review

What does it mean?
If you work with commercial insurance or Medicare/Medicaid, you need to get authorization before you treat your patients; this involves calling the insurance company and making the clinical case that your proposed treatment plan is medically necessary

How is Prosperity involved?
We work with your clinical team to understand each patient’s circumstance and then we obtain authorization for the necessary level of care and length of stay

Data and Analytics

What does it mean?
If you want to improve your billings, operations or marketing, you need relevant information to make an educated decision

How is Prosperity involved?
We aggregate data from different systems or sources and present it in user-friendly reports that provide actionable insight

Back Office

What does it mean?
Every company needs to pay their bills, process payroll and manage their cash

How is Prosperity involved?
We make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and all your financial responsibilities are taken care of

Due Diligence

What does it mean?
If you want to acquire a treatment center you need to validate critical financial information in order to find the best opportunity

How is Prosperity involved?
We support your investment team by analyzing revenue and AR on a claim by claim basis and benchmark cost structure against industry peers

Patient Responsibility

What does it mean?
Every insurance policy has a portion that is the responsibility of the patient, such as co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance

How is Prosperity involved?
We have policies and procedures that we teach your staff to maximize upfront collections, and our team can assist with post discharge follow-up

Tax Consulting

What does it mean?
Tax is an area of opportunity for many businesses with credits and incentives available in a wide variety of areas

How is Prosperity involved?
Our intimate knowledge of specialized tax programs (WOTC, Empowerment Zones, etc.) can create significant savings for existing treatment centers and expansion projects

Managed Care Negotiation

What does it mean?
Going in network with a commercial insurance payer allows you to lock in rates for certain services

How is Prosperity involved?
We will help you understand the trade-offs of going in network, evaluate the value proposition of contracted rates, and negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies