Prosperity is who we are

Our team and our approach are what make us different

Core Values

Constantly Learning

We think we're pretty smart, but we don't know everything; the landscape and our place within it are always changing, so we are constantly growing and evolving to provide cutting edge service

  • Developing our staff
  • Adding capabilities & expanding our offerings
  • Gathering market intelligence

Radical Transparency

You can't act on information you can't see, so we share everything

  • Cross-functional teams
  • In-depth interactive reporting
  • Real-time access to data

Sweat the Small Stuff

We know details matter, because you can't make a dollar without one hundred cents; when we make sure the little things are perfect, we build a foundation for big successes

  • Claims handling
  • Revenue recognition
  • Month-end close and reporting
  • Customer service

Process Makes Perfect

Doing things the right way helps us achieve the right outcome; structured thinking and an organized approach limit mistakes and missed opportunities, and create space for innovation and insight

  • On-boarding
  • Customer integration
  • Workflow
  • Reporting and feedback

Sense of Urgency

Cash is the lifeblood of your business, so we are fighting every single day for every last dollar you deserve

  • Work your AR like we own it
  • Respond in real time to market change
  • Proactively provide actionable insights

Core Competencies

Billing and Collections

Our team has developed and implemented proprietary techniques and processes that resulted in a 10% increase in collections across a national network of treatment centers

Accounting and Financial Reporting

We have expertise in GAAP/accrual basis revenue recognition (including extensive audit management experience), as well as financial statement preparation for shareholders, lenders, and regulatory bodies

Analytics and Operational Improvement

We have applied the results of our data-mining and analysis to marketing, admissions, clinical service delivery and facility operations, driving significant increases in census/revenue, improvement in patient/insurance collections and reduction in marketing/operating cost

M&A and Growth

We have led behavioral health M&A transactions as both buyers and sellers, and we have developed and executed successful organic growth strategies for networks of facilities/practices

Our Team

As a team, we have demonstrated success in building one of the largest U.S. behavioral health companies

  • Achieved significant increases in cash collections (both from managed care payers and from patients)
  • Successfully launched de novo treatment centers
  • Acquired and integrated established treatment businesses
  • Evaluated and negotiated in-network contracts

Aron Hacoen

Co-founder & CFO
  • 10 years of healthcare finance and back office experience
  • Accountant by trade, with hands-on billing experience
  • Developed billing team and operation for network of five facilities
  • Oversaw all financial operations for network of 10 facilities

Greg Keilin

Co-founder & CEO
  • 10 years of experience in finance, corporate strategy and operations
  • Assisted in the evaluation, execution and integration of multiple behavioral health M&A transactions
  • Analyzed and implemented plans for data-driven revenue cycle revamp in response to changes in payer behavior

Karina Checo

Director of Revenue Cycle
  • 20 years of healthcare revenue cycle experience
  • Strong track record of increased collections, streamlined processes and improved utilization of technology
  • Recruited, trained and led billing team for national behavioral health company